Kevin Sipple for House District 13

Common Sense for Colorado

Kevin’s Platform


It is our moral obligation to be good stewards of the natural beauty and resources of our planet.


Consumers are better off when they, not the government, dictate how their money is spent. Healthcare coverage should be a personal choice.

defend tabor

TABOR is a necessary safeguard against runaway government spending and it protects the taxpayer.


I believe in free market energy production and support all forms of energy.


I support school choice and local control over education. I also support school safety so children are safe while attending school.

second amendment

I fully support the protection of our Second Amendment.

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Kevin Sipple is one of the few candidates who I will be supporting this year with real enthusiasm. He brings kindness, common sense, and common courtesy to politics. We need more like him.

Paul Danish, former Boulder County Commissioner

Kevin Sipple would make a great politician. He would put the freedom of the people first.

Murl Hendrickson IV, HD-10 (R) Candidate

Why I am Running for HD-13

Twenty-six years ago when I entered public service as a volunteer board member in a social services agency, I discovered the great personal satisfactino that came from helping my fellow community members. My public service has continued ever since. Over the years, it has become more important to me than the accumulation of wealth or property. I consider the persuit of public office in the Colorado State Legislature an opportunity to continue my passion for helping Coloradans. Thank you for your vote and support.

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