About Kevin Sipple

Kevin Sipple has dedicated his life to improving the Boulder community through business and stewardship. Kevin has called House District 13 his home since 1969.

Why Voters Should Elect Kevin Sipple

I believe that you, not the government, are in the best position to make decisions about what is right for you and your family. It’s not the role of government to dictate or regulate anyone’s personal choices or finances. I believe the government’s role is to secure your freedoms, not to grant them or take them away. I believe people are granted rights by nature and that the government only has the powers freely given by its citizens. I believe the free market system, not government programs and bureaucracy, has proven to be the best way to create opportunity and properity for all of us. If elected, I pledge to do my best to keep the American Dream alive, and to support the best interests of all citizens in House District 13, regardless of county of residence or party affiliation.

Co-Founder of Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Responsibilities included operatinos, quality control, regulatory compliance, construction, project manager, licensed water plant operator, and director of security. Inducted into the Boulder County Business Hall of Fame in 2010 (left). Awards: Exempla Good Samaritan Community Award, Louisville Comany of the Year Award, and Lafayette Good Citizen Award.

Over 40 Years of Experience with Regulatory Agencies

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, specifically the Water Control Division (EPA/Water Regulatory Utility Regulation) and the Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability (Food Safety). Also various Boulder County agencies, including the land use, zoning, and building departments. (Left: construction of the Eldorado Springs plant.)

Community Servant

Member of the Colorado Organization of Victim Advocates, Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado (SPCC), Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA). Kevin has also volunteered in Boulder County Agencies since 1992, including the Placement Alternaties Commission (1992-2002), an appointed board managing seven social service programs designed to keep families together, and the Sheriff’s Office of Victim Advocates (2001-present), a program that provides assistance and resources to victims of crimes, personal tragedies, and natural disasters.

Republican Party Volunteer

Republican Party volunteer 2012 to present. Precinct Committee Person for precinct 900, District Captain for South West Boulder County, County Assembly Delegate, State Convention Delegate, and candidate for Boulder County Commissioner in 2016 (pictured left: Kevin Sipple and Paul Danish being endorsed by BOCO Firm in 2016, an organization in Boulder County dedicated to fairness in road maintenance).