Free market energy production. No protections, subsidies, or regulations should result in energy winners and losers. Consumers should reap the benefits of a healthy energy market – competition, lower prices, and more options.  I support the development of all forms of energy.  Fossil fuels are necessary for the manufacturing of the components for solar, wind, hydro-electric, and geothermal.  Natural Gas is important for keeping energy affordable and environmentally sound.  Someday Solar, Wind, and the others will provide more of our energy needs, but the technology isn’t ready to “stand alone” yet.  Battery and other storage technology needs further development in order to be viable.  Sometimes the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine but our homes will still need to be heated.  Currently “renewable” energy needs taxpayer funded subsidies in order to work.  We should continue to develop all forms of alternate energy technologies until they are truly affordable.